Elarith (Petre – Alexandru) is a young artist from Timisoara, Romania, born in Hunedoara county.

From a very young age he had a passion for music which was materialized in 2006, at age 14, when together with some friends he discovered Propellerhead’s Reason and Fruity Loops softwares, in which he began to create his own songs, at first just for fun. In 2008 he finds out about drum&bass from his circle of friends and by attending a few parties in his hometown. He soon fell in love with the genre and it became his main interest.

In 2013 he enters the ‘Bass Champions’ contest, organised by Bass Turbat, in which he takes the 7th place with his tune ‘Close encounters’, later released under Bass Turbat label. During the contest he meets NO EXIT, with whom produces 2 tracks, ‘Retaliate’ and ‘Inside’, also released under Bass Turbat label. In the summer of 2014 he plays his first live mix, at Freenetik Open Air, alongside Loadstar, Jade, Dr.Dan, Bibanu and Phoneme. In may 2015, Elarith releases his first solo EP, called ‘Unfolded’, which consists of two tracks, ‘Unfolded paper’ and ‘Indian’ (featuring D.M.T), under the Critical Bass Recordings label from Portugal. He also has another EP launched under the Romanian label High Definition. In 2016 he met the guys from LoudNoiz from Bucharest with whom he collaborated on their first release in 2017, an LP consisting of 7 romanian only produced tracks.

He shared the stage with names like: Enei, DCBreaks, Zombie Cats, Jade, Chris.SU, BTK, Mark System, Loadstar, Radicall, DJ Snow, Beepo, Outbreak, Cips, THE FLO, Mighty Boogie, Sorenson, 2BE and many more. His mixing styles consist of mainly neurofunk or deep.