“Introduce a little anarchy… upset the established order… and everything becomes chaos.”

Afflikt was born in 1998, in the west side of Romania, Timisoara, and always used to be a music lover. He discovered the dark side of electronic music in 2014 and got really influenced by that style. He was a faithful listener of neurofunk, darkstep, technoid, crossbreed and hardcore music, until he decided to create his own style.

Started mixing heavy neurofunk in 2016 and his first debut was in may at a local club. Later, in the same year, he was invited to Freenetik Kru and Snuff, which gave him access to more qualitative and bigger events, a larger audience and he also gained experience through collaborations. Later he decided to explore the true dark and chaotic realm of drum and bass, which gave him the opportunity to master his unique style.

He shared stage with underground renowned international artists and local crew members too. Always optimist and hard working, he focuses to create a versatile, violent and unique show on every debut, with a wide playlist that contains every subgenre of dark drum and bass music, agonising the dance floor.