This man is Boogey.
Born in Portugal in the early 80’s, radicated in Romania since 2012 and into music since a
relatively young age, developed a morbid attraction to the harder beats and lows. Member
and head of a few bigger and smaller musical projects from different genres while still at
home, found comfort in the muddy swamp of dark Drum & Bass. Set foot on a stage in the
early 00’s and called it the best place to be, since then got to play pretty much all the way and
in between Porto and Rep. Moldova, with the privilege of siding along with some of his
musical heroes and greatest names from the big scene.

Loves spanky complex neuro, thrills with Darkstep, lusts on Crossbreed and hard Technoid.
Seen in parties, festivals, dancefloors, raves and clubs from all sizes, shapes and legal
statuses. Loves his crow, a good stir up and cannot but give his best – no matter what the
stakes are – assuring nobody stays back in the corner without getting a proper dose of hard
candy to chew on.

Proud member of the Freentik Kru and founding father of Snuff, is currently focusing in
promoting the harder side of Drum and Bass, experimenting with new forms of sonic
apocalypse and rocking civilization by making those move.