Dumbo, real name Muraru-Alexa Bogdan, was born in Petrosani and lives in Timisoara. Started mixing in 2011 and in 2012 won the TM:DJ Challenge, a contest hosted by Setup Venue and AnonimTM. After winning the contest he was supported by its organizers and was involved in the local drum and bass scene, ending up, in a very short time, on the same stage as international headliners and other DJs from the country.

After 8 years of activity, here are some of the international names he shared the stage with: Dom&Roland, Storm, Loxy, Blocks & Escher, HLZ, Alix Perez, Hydro, LSB, Marky, Spectrasoul, Hyroglifix, Data3, Alibi, Ed:it, Bredren, Xtrah, Nymfo and not only.

Currently part of Structure and Freenetik based in Timisoara and Inner Motion in Petrosani, with whom he has perfected his knowledge and skills in this domain, continuing to support the local and Romanian drum and bass scene and culture. His mixing style is very dynamic, always trying to transmit the ideal vibe to the crowd, striking across a wide range of subgenres.