K2, on his real name , Alex , firstly got involved to the electronic music scene by late 2013.

Starting on with Dubstep sounds, after a series of events, he started to feel incomplete, and wanted to experience more sides of electronic
underground music. So by that moment he felt to drop off dubstep, on the reason that , that’s not the sound and the melodically rhythm he was searching for. And thus the change came quickly to a plateau with a much extended diversity of sub-genres, when it adopted the Drum and Bass style that in a way or another made him feel reborn from that moment.

Experiencing the sounds of different well known labels in this genre, his will was to go strictly underground with the sound itself , so there he met the so called ‘Crem a la crem’ in Dnb, exploiting the head labels such as Metalheadz, Renegade H., Dispatch, Critical, V Recordings… just to name a few.

Inspired by a lot of sound engineers, producers, and Dj-s in this area, his sound gain improvements on the way, and the quality of his mixes started to feel the change , influenced by a more carefully selected tracklist , and their position in the mixes , where are well matched with his ideas of ‘wave’ harmonic , both explosive sides of it’s mixes.

Involved and dedicated to this path, K2 feels more than happy to be a part of one of the most iconic crew of Drum and Bass promoters in Romania, called Freenetik Kru (part of Freenetik Party ).

This adventure walked him to the Festivals path in RO, but he always kept an eye on promoting events that express the sound of DnB. Latter, he put together an edition of 4 episodes to a local Radio Station ( Drums.ro Radio), and by this moment, still sustaining and hosting a Facebook group dedicated for Dnb heads only, which are made or hosted in Romania (Dnb Brotherhood Unity [RO]).

In the future his plans are to build up a small studio and improve more and more the quality of his faithful sounds , but also when possible, to add an helping hand to both Freenetik Kru (RO), and Subdustrial (Sb-RO), the crews he’s a part of.

Shouts to : JTR ; Beepo ; Elarith ; Dubmunk ; Damaja ; Mi-tzu ; ZERO ; Phoneme ; Mental Chemistry ;Elementrix ; Outbreak ; Freqax ; Klein OSK ; Dj.Snow and MC.Agent ; Jon ; Acidtech ; Moondust ; Dumbo ; Enevel ;Phobe 1; Sorenson Kukilla + Astronaut KRU ; Brusten & Slimmy + Hangout Musik ; Freenetik Kru / Party ; Subdustrial Crew ; Drums.ro Radio ; Drumandbass.ro

You can find more of his work here :
Facebook Artist Page : https://www.facebook.com/K2.DnB.Ro
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/k2_audio
Mixcloud : https://www.mixcloud.com/K2_Audio/