Koalition Crew

Urban Electronic  Music crew, DJ and promoters, based in Galați, ROMÂNIA.

Koalition Crew represents a form of organization and DJ Crew existent as an idea ever since 2003. Its foundations were officially laid out in the summer of 2005 at the initiative of the three DJ’s from Galati: MOONDUST, PHONEME and GOBLIN. The purpose of this team is promoting electronic non-house music in Galati, focusing on genres such as breakbeat, drum&bass or dubstep. The main way to accomplish promoting these genres is organizing parties in different locations and clubs in the city.

For this idea, a multitude of DJ’s from different areas of the country were invited, ocasionally joined by Koalition Crew members. The quality of the music and the DJ’s invited is always the primordial purpose of the crew, ingredients which, mixed with proper management and fine locations, lead to great parties.