Nomad Audio

Meet Nomad Audio – a Freenetik Kru progressive sound side project.

“At first, there was Freenetik Kru, a collective of about 40 DJs, each one unique in the way they play music. After a while, other well known artists joined us, artists such as Jem One, Overlook, SweetPea, Corrupted, Freqax, M:Pathy. Under this ‘Freenetik’ name, with huge support, help and involvement from the promoter of these parties, we made these events possible with the intention of promoting drum and bass and ourselves as well.
So after acquiring some experience and knowledge of the scene, we decided that it would be better to make our own smaller crew, made out of 5 members: K-Rob, Balint:z, Rhizome, Xeno and Tobe:n in order to promote quality jungle music.”