One of the best and most interesting producers to emerge in recent years:

“As an artist, Overlook has been producing some of the most exciting drum & bass at the moment (…), broad interests in a wide range of material, from horror film scores to the haunting themes in gothic literature, have been a force behind his creative outlets. Put together, the result [debut album SMOKE SIGNALS – UVB-76] is an unmistakable mix of the finest production that both rattles the systems yet reaches into the deepest corners of the mind of the listener.” – UKF.

In a nutshell, Overlook’s music is dark, which enables to create a narrative live performance, as he often says -> “The whole point of mixing is to create a story out of it and send the listener on a journey!”. You might keep an ear out for his sets, trust us, you’ll be traveling without moving!

With releases on major labels like Samurai Music, Metalheadz, 31 Records and others, at a young age he is already a shining star in the drum & bass scene.