Revan is a fictional character from the “Star Wars” universe known for his undeniable balance between good and bad, light and dark. He started going to parties from the very first edition of “Freenetik”. Since then, he got attracted by the underground sound and came to mostly every party because it was also a way of relaxation for him. It was only natural he liked the sound of Drum and Bass, since in high school he partook a 3 year drums course/lessons. By doing so, he had a deeper understanding of music in general. After a few years of attending parties and raves he was interested in challenging himself and learning the ways of “Dj-ing”. Soon after, he was determined to do something more with this hobby and had the opportunity of joining the “Snuff” crew. From then on, he took part in different parties organised by Snuff in Timisoara and other cities such as Cluj and Satu Mare. His preffered subgenre for mixing would be Neurofunk with a blend of Darkstep, but…depending on the party he does not mind at all mixing dark/deep/rollers and even liquid if he sees fit.