By his real name Raul, got caught by the glitch of electronic music in 2009 at the early age of 13. Born in Deva, he was lucky enough to live in the same city as one of the biggest sound systems in Romania, Astronaut Kru Soundsystem. A good occasion to get accustomed to the finest breaks, smoothest basslines and the darkest harmonies spread by them around the city and around the country.
Years later he found himself with a pretty impressive music library, some of the basic information about electronic music and a crazy desire to create, he easily slides into the mixing spiral, where, set after set, party after party, year after year, discovers new elements, techniques and influences that drove him to this point : smK.
In late 2016 he gets involved into a new project, and sets the foundations of TwentyTribes Soundsystem together with 3 of his local best friends. Spreading their activity locally, TwentyTribes already thrown (more or less) a dozen parties.

smK shared the stage with many prestigious local djs and producers like Mi-tzu, Damaja, Jon, Dumbo (Structure/Freenetik), Kukilla, BurnerGreene, MOFO(AstronautKru) DJ Phoneme, Mental Chemistry, Sagaman, VruDubz, Zona*Verde, Se (HighKulture), Elarith, K2, Pietonu(DevaStation Crew) and many more, aswell as with some of the heaviest international names like DJ Randal(Mac 2 Recordings, Reinforced Records, Metalheadz), Ulterior Motive (Metalheadz, Reinforced, Shogun Audio, Critical Records) and Rawtekk(Med School).