Sorenson sees music as an expression of our Spirit and as the perfect metaphor for human life. Resonating with music since forever, playing with it naturally became a passion for him. Pursuing his passion, he learned that music transcends time, space and language, that its power is limitless and that it could generate the same effect inside us by expanding our conciousness and strenghtening the connection with our inner self and with others.

From mellow to dark, from old to new, he is exploring various worlds of sounds. Focusing on drum & bass, he was thrilled to discover the complex spectrum of this genre and in the course of time he sticked to it. His journey started at the surface, digging gradually into the underground where we can find the pure manifestation of the Spirit. His interest into understanding the human mind brought him closer to the more spiritual sounds of Reggae and Dub. Besides the unique harmony that he found in this music, the lyrics helped him to become more aware of the preconceived limitations of the mind.

After years of playing with music, Sorenson realized that he’s not doing it for achivements, but rather for the joy that arises from being his true self.