VJ Bürger

Bürger (Eugen Neacșu) is a visual artist born and raised in the heart of Constangeles (Constanța, RO), currently living and working in Timișoara (RO). He started VJ-ing in 2007 for the local heroes Implant pentru refuz (Implant for Denial) live launch of the Monolith album. Since then he has been and still is the official VJ for the band.

In 2009, he produced video-works for artists like Michaela Konrad (illustrator) and Daniel Dorobanțu (video editor and music composer) whose A/V installation ”Memories of Now” was exhibited at the Next Comic Festival, part of the Ars Electronica Center in Linz (A). Subsequently, ”Memories of Now” has generated three more episodes signed by the same group of artists and on display as a permanent show in the ”Deep Space” Multimedia Room at the aforementioned AEC until 2014. The work with Austrian illustrator Michaela Konrad continues in 2013 alongside Timișoara based musician Octavian Horvath for a short film animation dedicated to Pablo Picasso’s legacy, ”On the Beach”, also as a part of the permanent show in the ”Deep Space” Multimedia Room at AEC Linz and open to public until 2015.

In 2014, after working on the logo design and following the ”Freenetik Party” launch event’s visual show, Bürger starts doing regular VJ shows for the local promoter and event organiser, Escape Kru. Thus, he has done more than 30 shows for ”Freenetik”, always juggling between international guest parties and 2 days events to radio nights and Saturday culture nights. He had the pleasure to do live visuals for some of the most acclaimed names in the drum’n’bass scene today: Audio, Klute, The Qemists (DJ set), Logistics, Storm, Ant TC1, DJ Randall, and many others.

In the meantime, together with his friends, started ”Psihodrom”, an audio-visual art collective with works for various campaigns, festivals and event brands: Lighting the future through education (2015), Cinemadisko (2017), Grădina de Iarnă (2015-2016), Timishort Film Festival (2017), Timișoara Rocks (2016, 2017), Anonim TM’s 48h (2014) and Made in TM (2014).

Since 2014, Bürger has presented his video works and visual art for events and organizers like Transylvania Music Event (Cluj, RO), Joie de vivre Festival, Bipolar House, Blackout Music, All Time Clubbing, Music Service, Electric Playground (all from Timișoara), he has been a live-tour VJ for Blazzaj, Melting Dice & The Case and he had helped to set up Escape Venue’s innovative multi-projector system in 2016, covering a field of view of almost 360° for the first time in Timișoara. Also in 2016 Bürger took an active role in Timișoara ‘s bid team, providing visual production and projection mapping services for the final presentation in the national competition in which Timișoara was elected the European Capital of Culture in 2021 title.

In 2016, Bürger also took an active role in Timișoara’s bid team, providing visual production and projection mapping services for the final presentation of Timișoara – European Capital of Culture 2021.

Bürger continues to expand his techniques, always trying to find new ways to tease your eyes and experimenting with various visual and graphic styles such as motion-graphics design, animation, multimedia design, stage design and graphic design.

Nowadays, the self-taught designer/VJ and animator, Bürger is Art Director at Electronic Resistance (a visual communication agency based in Timișoara) and founding member of Psihodrom.

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