Xeno can be quantified as the smallest measurable unit of human connection, typically exchanged between passing strangers, moments that are fleeting and random but still contain powerful emotional nutrients that can alleviate the symptoms of feeling alienated.

He began experimenting with various rhythms early on 2006, and from that time forward, expressing his musical ideas took form in various multi-genre mash-ups, remixes and recently in live sets after becoming a Freenetik Kru member in 2016.
In early 2018 he started promoting a cross between underground music genres like: Jungle, Drum-funk, Breaks and generally bass infused sound on Overtones with 2 hours radio sets @ Drums.Ro Radio alongside Rhizome and various international and local guests.
In the same year he started Nomad Audio, a Freenetik Kru project, with K-rob, Tobe:n, Balint:z, Rhizome and Dyl bringing the new wave of international artists that are shaping the underground scene such as Overlook; Gremlinz; Djinn; X-nation; Indidjinous; Dj E; Dom & Roland

Searching through the records was always a way to rediscover the spirit of the days they were created, even though they were made in the analog era, or later, in the digital one. Going forward and by deconstructing them enables you to track down the source of the inspiration directly from the samples used in them, ending up even in finding a quality movie, speech or even a long forgotten jazz record.

When all elements are mixed up together they can create a timeless experience that can be felt, in the immediate response of the ravers, or even in the intimate home sessions.

Xeno: https://www.facebook.com/Xenotm1/
Nomad Audio: https://www.facebook.com/nomadaudio.tm
Reverberate: https://www.facebook.com/Reverberate1